Willoughby City Council is held accountable to its Strategic Plan called “Our Future Willoughby 2028”

The strategic plan calls for Council to be open, transparent and accountable.  It means Council needs to reduce the quantum of Council meetings held in secret /confidentially. Currently, Council meets this way twice per month.

Financial health of any organisation is vital if an organisation is to realise its vision.  The ability to read and analyse financial reports safe guards asset and mitigates risk of poor decisions.

Currently Council’s financial reports are not easy to understand and need to be presented in “plain English” to the public.

Clear and transparent financial reporting is essential in building business and community life after COVID. Particularly ensuring recovery stimulus packages include a direct and tangible benefit to ratepayers, local home businesses and service businesses.

It is a councillor’s responsibility to hold Council’s office accountable, because without accountability “Our Future Willoughby” remains a vision in a glossy publication.

With your voice of support keeping our Council honest is my priority as Councillor for the Naremburn Ward.   


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